‘No Man’s Sky: Frontiers’ Brings Settlements To The Game

by Sage Ashford

No Man’s Sky is celebrating its fifth anniversary since the game’s launch in 2016, and they’re doing it with yet another expansion. No Man’s Sky: Frontiers brings planetary settlements to the game, as previously all the different signs of life were only found in small trading posts and at space stations.  Players can discover settlements out in the wild, or they can search for them using the game’s exploration data, trading five data for a settlement map.

For those who aren’t impressed by simply finding their own settlements, it’s possible to instead start a settlement of their own. As overseer of a settlement, players can handle everything from disputes among the other members of the settlement to protecting the settlement from Sentinels, the robots who destroy any living beings found mining things on certain planets. Over time, settlements can grow to become larger and more impressive, even reaching the size of full towns, all procedurally generated.  There’s plenty of other additions made to the game that can be found on No Man’s Sky Frontier page.

No Man’s Sky is easily one of the biggest success stories of the last generation. The game went from something people were all too eager to make fun of when it launched to being one of the few titles to have almost completely repaired its reputation.

Sage Ashford

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