Exclusive Cover Reveal: Dark Horse Comics’ ‘Killer Queens’ #3

by Brendan M. Allen
Killer Queens #3 cover by Chris Ables

Love, xenophobia, and the terror of fascist dictatorships in a hilarious sci-fi epic from the ALL LBGTQ creative team of David Booher, Claudia Balboni, Lucas Gattoni, and Harry Saxon. Dark Horse Comics’ Killer Queens #1 drops on August 18, 2021.

In a Comicon exclusive, we have a sneak peek at the three covers for Killer Queens #3 by Chris Ables, Claudia Balboni, and David Talaski.

Killer Queens #3 cover by Claudia Balboni

‘Meet Max and Alex. Reformed intergalactic assassins for hire. On the run. Also super gay. Their former boss–a fluffy monkey with a jetpack–is hot on their tail to take back his stolen ship. They gotta eat, so they take a mission from Alex’s old flame. Your standard no-kill, casualty-free kidnapping recovery from a nearby moon. Only complication? Half the moon is ruled by a fascist dictator hostile to foreigners. They’re the Killer Queens, so what could possibly go wrong?’

Killer Queens #3 cover by David Talaski

Brendan M. Allen

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