The Art Of Politics: June – Delta, Delays And Generally Dicking Around

by Richard Bruton

The Art Of Politics – celebrating the best of political cartooning I see every month whilst despairing of politics…

This month… well, it was all still about Covid, of course it was… plus plenty of other nonsense and idiocy from around the world…

Here in the UK…

Well first the pandemic was over, then it wasn’t. It was meant to be June 21 that meant the complete end to all Covid restrictions… and then it wasn’t, with the rise of a number of variants in the UK threatening a third wave and causing the government to delay the end of restrictions until July.

Thankfully, the NHS, the scientists, the researchers have done the miraculous job of getting the Covid vaccine out and we’re in a better position than we would have been – although no thanks to this shower of a government mismanaging everything and adopting the simple adage of let the proles follow the rules, we’ll do what we like.

Nicola Jennings on Boris’ balancing act on Covid…

Peter Schrank

The World Health Organisation declares Covid variants should be given Greek alphabet letters rather than names after their country of origin…

Ben Jennings

And another from Ben Jennings after the delay of lockdown restrictions being lifted…

Morten Morland

And then Chris Riddell on the Delta variant and its effects on travel…

The British government talks about how vital it is to prioritise education, especially in light of missed school hours during the pandemic. It’s their priority, absolutely their priority. Well, as long as they can do it on the cheap that is, when the proposed package of measures comes out to £15 billion. Not to worry though, I’m sure that the watered down version costing £1.4 billion will do just fine.

Martin Rowson on that…

And Henny Beamont on the same – adding in the findings from a report that sexual harassment and abuse is commonplace in schools. (The Guardian)


Meanwhile, the Home Secretary Priti Patel, think Scrooge but less redeeming features and no hope of a Christmas Day change of character, came under pressure to shut down an army barracks repurposed to accommodate asylum seekers after a damning court ruling. (BBC News)

Steve Bell

More cock-ups from Boris next, as the on-going fallout from Dominic Cummings’ leaving number 10 led to the revelation that Boris sent a few nasty text messages, including one calling Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, ‘totally fucking hopeless’ – which, to be fair, is pretty accurate. (BBC News)

Rebecca Hendin on that –

And Dave Brown on the same –

Of course… all of that news of Matt Hancock was eclipsed by… well, even more news of Matt Hancock and the Covid-rule-breaking affair he was having during lockdown.

Remember, this was the man who told us to follow the rules and not to blow it during lockdowns one and two. And most of Britain did, they suffered, they watched their loved ones get ill and die, alone. They had to stand by while their mothers and fathers were denied visitors in their care homes. They didn’t attend funerals of friends. They gave up so much. And Matt Hancock… not so much. Hypocritical bastard really doesn’t cover it.

Of course, he tried to weather the bad press as the news came out. Because why would we possibly think that anyone in this morally bankrupt shower we call a government would actually have the decency to realise the terrible thing they had done and taken responsibility for it.

And Boris, our glorious leader? Well, whilst all this was going on, our wonderful Prime Minister, that bastion of truth and decency, Boris Johnson, had said that he considered the matter closed after Hancock had apologised to him. (BBC News)

Thankfully, the pressure was too much. Hancock resigned after a few days and another vile little man stepped in as Health Secretary – the story continues to rumble on as, surprise, surprise, there are further improprieties in the whole Hancock affair as the whole sordid little chumocracy continues (The Guardian).

Nicola Jennings

Martin Rowson

Brian Adcock

Morten Morland

Dave Brown

Peter Brookes


And in the on-going shit-show that is Brexit, there were reports of a possible sausage war between the UK and Europe, all revolving around the chaos of the Northern Ireland protocol which sort of makes Northern Ireland Schrödinger’s country, with where it sits in the UK shifting slightly depending which side you’re one – something that comes as a surprise to no one except those who thought Brexit was a good idea. (Reuters)

Martin Rowson

Peter Schrank

And speaking of Brexit and morons… there’s that Wetherspoons bloke, Tim Martin. See, Tim, who owns one of the biggest pub chains in the UK, was passionately for Britain leaving the European Union, appearing on TV, pushing propaganda through the Wetherspoons pubs, that sort of thing. Then the pandemic hit, the millionaire boss of Wetherspoons told his staff to go and get jobs in Tesco when his pubs had to close.

So, fast forward to now, and he’s struggling to recruit staff to his newly reopened pubs. It’s almost as though the 1.3 million overseas nationals who left the UK in the last year (thanks to a combination of Brexit and the pandemic) were in some way vital to the service industry in the country. Tim Martin’s revolutionary solution – asking Boris Johnson to allow more migrants from Europe. Oh, you couldn’t make it up. (Sky News)

Dave Brown on that –

And then it was G7 time… where the powerful and influential politicians of the world (and Boris Johnson) met up in Cornwall for a few meetings, all starting on the day of a partial solar eclipse. On the menu – amongst other things, those aforementioned sausages and climate change, hence why Bozza flew there in a private plane… seriously, he’s really not even bothering to hide the scorn anymore at this point.

Martyn Turner

Martin Rowson

Ben Jennings

And Chris Riddell on the whole ‘special relationship’ that the British government insists it has with the USA…


Meanwhile…. In the USA…

Well, after his little jaunt to the UK for the G7 summit, Pres Biden headed to have a meeting with Putin…

Peter Brookes

David Rowe


Mike Peters with a lovely little nod to Spy Vs Spy

And good ol’ Mitch and the GOP were up to their usual tricks…

Ann Telnaes

Nick Anderson

The US did get a new public holiday though, as Juneteenth was officially recognised. Juneteenth, Saturday June 19th, is the day commemorating emancipation of enslaved African Americans.

As you can imagine, it’s been a holiday with a long, long route to official recognition – having been unofficially celebrated for generations. It also comes as various states are looking at laws banning critical race theory, especially in the classroom – basically, it’s either a way to understand racism has affected American life and law-making or a liberal agenda that pushes further division in the race issue – as usual, it depends whether you’re on the liberal or conservatives side of things.

Kevin Siers

JD Crowe


And speaking of whitewashing… Ann Telnaes


And then, because the world isn’t going to hell quick enough… most of the North American west coast experienced something akin to it… with temperatures in Canada and across the west coast of the USA went ballistic, with Canada matching the temperature record of 117F with Las Vegas.

Add this to an extreme drought and the threat of wildfires to consume millions of acres… oh, it’s almost like this whole climate change thing is real, isn’t it?

Peter Kuper