The Art Of Politics: May The Farce Be With You

by Richard Bruton

The Art Of Politics – our monthly look at the world through the lens of the greatest political cartoonists…

One cartoon to sum it all up right now… Nicola Jennings on what we should all be right now…

So, while the vaccinated numbers in Britain and America went up, the start of May saw thoughts turned to holidays…

Morten Morland – on Britains getting back to “normal”:

And normal… by most media reports, appears to be people going to pubs. First of all, it was being able to sit outside pubs and restaurants (although it’s May in Britain… brrrrr). And then came the fateful day, 17th May, when the nation rejoiced. The pubs were open and we could go inside!

Martin Rowson

But normal also seems to be the news that we’re getting the next strain of Covid in the country. This month, it was the Indian strain. A strain that seems to have way higher infection rates. And a strain that’s devastating India.

The problem was that it was identified back in March, confirmed as a variant of concern in April… and yet India wasn’t put on the ‘red list’ of countries (where passengers have to go into hotel quarantine for 10 days) until three weeks after that.

But again, Boris seemed to know best.

Ben Jennings

Peter Schrank

There were continued questions being asked over the Downing Street flat refurb, andright at the time when MPs (bless ’em) voted down protection for homeowners post-Grenfell fire safety costs…

Ben Jennings

Of course, seeing as Boris will be overseeing any enquiry into whatever’s gone on… he’s probably going to be just fine… Chris Riddell:

And thinking about Boris and his phone… turns out that he’s had the same mobile number for the last 15 years – all the better for asking for favours…

Peter Brookes

However, despite various questions that remain unanswered, despite the government finding the money for a new Royal Yacht for Prince Phillip (remember when there wasn’t the money for any more than a 1% pay rise for the nurses?), the Conservative Party seems to be getting the post-Covid bounce, with the local elections and the bye-election for the Parliamentary seat in Hartlepool falling from Labour.

Hartlepool in particular is a stunning blow to a party that’s simply floundered for years now, with the constituency being Labour since 1974.

Steve Bell

Martin Rowson nails what a lot of people seem to think of current Labour leader, Keir Starmer –

Chris Riddell – on Keir Starmer’s failure to build his red wall…

Dave Brown – the same thing – but after Dali…

And it looks increasingly likely that we’ll be seeing another referendum for Scottish independence, with Scotland and England never further apart in ideologies…

Peter Brookes

Brexit chaos latest… Boris blustered and sent in the Navy to the channel island of Jersey when French fishermen protested post-Brexit fishery rules… Steve Bell

Dave Brown

Peter Brookes

And forever a government to concentrate on the pointless and needless over the important stuff. We had the whole voter ID farago, with Bozza and the gang deciding that, with a whole SIX cases of voter fraud in the last General Election in the UK, it was time to bring in photo ID to vote.

So, a huge thing to deal with a problem that simply doesn’t exist. And, in doing so, they run the risk of disenfranchising a whole section of the country who don’t have photo ID, who can’t afford to get themselves acceptable ID. So, effectively the sort of people who might not vote for the Conservatives?

It’s a stupid, pointless solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. Something that’s already happening in the USA, where it’s already having an impact in predominantly black and ethnic minority communities.

Anyway… Ben Jennings on that…

As we moved through to the end of the month, there was a slight bump in the road as Dominic Cummings gave evidence before parliament, accusing the government of mishandling the whole pandemic thing and criticising everyone involved. I mean, far enough, and I’m sure he’s right when he calls Boris unfit for office and that health secretary Matt Hancock lied about the Covid response and was putting old people at risk in care homes. But this is the man who on the inside, with the power, whilst all this was going on – so it’s basically the corrupt and incompetent being criticised by the corrupt and incompetent.

Morten Morland

Martin Rowson

Dave Brown

One thing that did come out of it was the allegation that Boris was off writing a book on Shakespeare when he missed all those Covid briefings at the start of the pandemic… Steve Bell on that…

And finally, for the UK, Boris and Carrie got married in a hush-hush, Covid ceremony over this Bank Holiday weekend:

Nicola Jennings

Over in the USA… vaccine hesitancy may be becoming a problem…

Nick Anderson

Dave Whamond


Ann Telnaes on the ongoing problem on Mitch McConnell…

And for the glorious comedy that is Rudy Giuliani just not being able to catch a break – Mike Peters

And then, because the world really hasn’t had enough shit so far this year; we had the Israel and Palestine situation kick off again.

Accusations flew from both sides, there were lies, false allegations, media manipulation, and all the usual rubbish flying from both sides. And meanwhile, as always happens, innocents died.

I know it’s a complex problem, I know it’s a multi-layered argument, I know there are deep-rooted problems. But it’s a situation that surely has to change? And the first step to that is acknowledging that there’s a problem and that criticising one country or the other has nothing to do with religious beliefs and everything to do with holding the country to account.


Steve Bell