UDON Entertainment Hits Indiegogo For Randomveus Graphic Novel

by James Ferguson

With everything going on in the world right now, some publishers have turned to crowdfunding platforms as pre-order systems and to help get books printed. UDON Entertainment has jumped onboard with an Indiegogo campaign for Randomveus: One Dimensional Couriers, an original graphic novel from artist Jeffrey ‘Chamba’ Cruz and writer Leonard Bermingham.

The comic follows the insane adventures of One Dimensional Couriers, an inter-dimensional delivery service conveying packages to every wacky corner of the Veuniverse. The bouffant-sporting Raimundo and his spunky sidekicks Bloob & Melody drive their demon-fueled convertible through flaming apes, ravenous sandsharks, killer robot assassins, and more.

The rewards for the Indiegogo campaign include the book itself, trading cards, posters, and even getting drawn into the comic. There’s still almost a month left in the campaign.