Review: ‘Wolverine’ #2 Faces Demons Inner and Literal

by Tony Thornley

Marvel’s greatest mutant hero finally seems to be getting his groove back. He finally has his own title again, he’s one of the greatest figures on Krakoa, and he seems to be happy. Naturally that means it’s all going to go bad for him, and in Wolverine #2 it all starts to fall apart.

Benjamin Percy, Adam Kubert, Frank Martin, Cory Petit, and Tom Muller begin to wreck Logan’s world.

The Flower Cartel is making short order of the Hellfire Trading Company worldwide thanks to their enforcer, the Pale Girl. In the wake of her fatal attack on X-Force, Wolverine is determined to stop her, and will team up with whoever he can to stop her. Can Logan and his new CIA allies stop them before anyone else loses their life?

Percy gets Wolverine in a way that a lot of authors haven’t in a long time. Though the opening is a bit of a cliche, he wastes no time with the tropey plot point and moves into the emotional core of the story. Though Logan himself is fairly stoic, we get a lot of the turmoil and struggle through his narration, and when we do get dialogue it’s efficient and simple.

One of the best examples of Percy understanding Logan is a line late in the issue, when Logan and Bannister have teamed up to take down the Flower Cartel. Logan simply says that he prefers tracking to baiting a trap. It’s a simple line, but it shows a level of thoughtfulness that not a lot of people would consider. In the end it’s not a particularly deep story, due to largely consisting of set-up, but it’s fiercely entertaining.

Kubert’s art worth the price of admission alone. He is able to make Logan both empathetic and menacing. He takes the side character of Jeff Bannister and infuses with him with so much personality that you can feel the history he had before showing up last issue. He even makes two guys sharing beers and watering a lawn feel fascinating. 

Martin steps up his game on the color art, adding a lot of depth. It especially clicks in a fantastic two page spread in the middle of the issue that’s a perfect combination of Percy, Kubert and Martin that takes place in the heart of Krakoa. It’s a miniature vignette on its own with Percy and Kubert showing insight into the relationship between Cyclops and Wolverine, but then Martin adds an otherworldly glow to the entire spread that pushes it over the top.

The team is crafting a seminal run on Wolverine already, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Wolverine #2 is available now from Marvel Comics.