Invisible Woman Gets Her Own Series This July

by James Ferguson

The leading lady of Marvel’s First Family is about to steal the spotlight. Marvel Comics has announced a new Invisible Woman mini-series from Mark Waid, Mattia De Iulis, and Adam Hughes, following Sue Storm on an adventure that will unlock the secrets of her past in a rather surprising way.

Marvl SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort says:

In over fifty years, she’s never had her own title (or maybe she did and you just didn’t see it,) Waid and Iulis will be delving into what Sue Richards does—and even who she is—on her own time, apart from her famous family! It’s sure to surprise some—as will a few of the gestures-players who’ll be passing through the story!

This new book digs into part of Sue’s past. After she became the Invisible Woman as part of the Fantastic Four, she went on some espionage missions for S.H.I.E.L.D. Fast forward to the present where Sue has to save her former partner from danger before it’s too late.

Considering how important Sue Storm is to the Marvel Universe as a whole, it’s practically a travesty that she hasn’t had a solo title yet. There’s a lot of depth to her as a character, so I’m interested to see what is revealed during this new book this summer.

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