Tokyo Rose Tells The True Story Of Japanese American, Iva Toguri, During WWII

by James Ferguson

If podcasts have taught me anything, it’s that there are tons of amazing stories happening around us every day. Comics are tapping into this vast resource as well.  A perfect example of this is Tokyo Rose: Zero Hour, a new original graphic novel from Atheris Publishing currently on Kickstarter. Written by Andre Frattino and illustrated by Kate Kasenow, Tokyo Rose is inspired by the true story of Iva Toguri, a Japanese American woman trapped on the wrong side of the Pacific Ocean during World War II.

Toguri came from her home in Los Angeles, California to visit distant relatives in Tokyo, Japan just before the attack on Pearl Harbor. This caused a conflict not only between the US and Japan, but with her family and herself. Trapped in Japan, Toguri fought the prejudice of Japanese society and its government who saw her as an enemy. She worked in the propaganda department of Radio Tokyo where she became Tokyo Rose, the Siren of the Pacific, charged with demoralizing American troops.

There are questions as to whether or not this part of the story is true. Who did Tokyo Rose really support?  Was she a traitor or a hero?

The Tokyo Rose: Zero Hour Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $7,500 to print a 75-page hardcover graphic novel. Rewards include the comic itself in both digital and physical formats, custom illustrated cards, your name included in a “Thank You” section of the book, and a chance to be drawn into the comic.

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