Captain Marvel Gets A Series Of Variant Covers This February, Too!

by James Ferguson

Captain Marvel is coming to the big screen next year and Marvel Comics is celebrating with a line of variant covers highlighting the legacy of Carol Danvers.

Check out the full list of titles below:

  1. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #16 by Mike Hawthorne with colors by Nathan Fairbairn
  2. AVENGERS #15 by Gerald Parel
  3. CHAMPIONS #2 by Pepe Larraz
  4. FANTASTIC FOUR #4 by Valerio Schiti with colors by Rachelle Rosenberg
  5. SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #3 by Jesus Saiz

I do have to wonder why Captain Marvel is only getting five variants when the Skrulls are getting 22. She is the star of her own movie, right? This seems like a missed opportunity. Regardless, I love that cover for Avengers #15. That is absolutely gorgeous.

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