‘Nuclear Family’: The New Sci-Fi Series From AfterShock Based On A Philip K Dick Story

by Olly MacNamee

Nuclear Family is a new Cold War era science fiction shocker based on the short story ‘Breakfast at Twilight’ by renowned sci-fi author Philip K Dick. Written by Stephanie Phillips with art by Tony Shasteen, it’s due out on Wednesday February 24th from AfterShock Comics.

“America, 1957. Elvis dominates the airwaves and apple pie is served after every meal. But, with the dark cloud of nuclear holocaust looming, Korean War vet Tim McClean’s major concern is taking care of his family in the atomic age.

When the first bomb does drop on an unexpecting Midwest city, Tim and his family find themselves plunged into a strange new world, where what’s left of the Unites States has gone underground while continuing to wage war on Russia with unthinkable tactics.”

Tony Harros incentive cover

Of course, Phillips is not the first nor the last to adapt a Philip K Dick story, but it doesn’t mean she isn’t excited to tell us more about this new book:

“The story is about a family that seems like the ideal nuclear family in the 1950s. But, when an unexpected nuclear attack happens on US soil, they find themselves propelled into an alternate future where the US has fled into underground bunkers in an unending nuclear war. The family struggles with this grim outlook of their future, while also trying to find a way home.

This story is really a collaboration with artist Tony Shasteen. We have tried to create a really weird vision for this nuclear future that is unlike anything that we have seen in apocalyptic fiction to this point. We pulled a lot of inspiration from Philip K. Dick and The Twilight Zone to try to imagine what could have been for the United States if the Cold War didn’t remain cold.”

Look out for this new series come February 2021. But for now, enjoy this first look, courtesy of AfterShock Comics:

Olly MacNamee

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