Swag! NYCC 2019 Edition – From Ant-Man To Hanna Barbera

by Hannah Means Shannon

Welp, that was New York Comic Con 2019, a show I’m convinced was the most crowded and high energy I’ve seen in New York. Maybe it was also the 30+ minute waits for using the restroom that made it all so intense.

But I was pretty happy with my swag results even though I couldn’t hit every vendor I wanted to visit. I still manage to grab some cool things to commemorate NYCC 2019.

If we start with the bottom row, my biggest coup of the show was probably getting into the Marvel booth without having to wait, something I had to beg and plead my way into at SDCC due to the new ticketing system. Got those t-shirts to make my laugh. Also, my suckerdom for Hanna Barbera cartoon characters was in full swing. That was the last Snagglepuss! I got him. Lastly, the Babadook was a freebee for letting someone borrow my phone charger. Win! Love that film.

The Illuminati Ball launched from Cynthia Von Buhler at Titan Comics this weekend (article for the launch event forthcoming) and I can’t wait to read it, diving into the opulent art. My friends who created Zinnober gave me some black and white dragon goodness. I’m still not sure about the Watchmen show coming up o HBO, but I guess I’ll try an episode, probably squinting in distrust the whole time.

Two big wins for the show–a pretty ace, large backpack from Loungefly that I hadn’t seen in shops before–the two versions of the Infinity Gauntlet from Endgame. Note that Thanos is snapping… And really the highest end hoodie at NYCC. Classic Heavy Metal characters reimagined as 90’s cartoon stars on the back of a pre-shrunk, fitted, hoodie with an embroidered logo on the front (not pictured) and red, metal-tipped pullstrings. That’s made by Incendium Online and is quite a thing.

Lastly, but not leastly–a deflated Ant-Man balloon. It had a partner Spidey balloon, but it drifted into the night sky the minute I walked outside. Ant-Man may well be my favorite MCU character and this was nabbed for me. For those involved–you know what you did! Next to him a 2018 SDCC exclusive that I forgot to try to get back then–more Hanna Barbera characters. Though the Vynl. line is one of Funko’s less popular ones, I am pretty crazy about them due to their angular shapes and often quite high detail in paint work.

What did you manage to bring home?

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