Cyborg Superman Kicks Some Ass In Green Lanterns #55

by Staff

By Josh Davison

Cyborg Superman has escaped the Fortress of Solitude and meets up with Eon and the Ravagers for their final assault against the Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan, Jessica Cruz, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, and Kilowog convene with the Guardians of the Universe on Mogo in the hopes of figuring out what is going on with the Green Lantern rings and the climate of Mogo. The Guardians finally reveal what they know just in time for Cyborg Superman and the Ravagers to arrive at Mogo.

Green Lanterns #55 can be summarized by Cyborg Superman kicking the Green Lantern Corps’ collective asses across their own turf.

It’s an action-packed comic, but it draws out that concept across the entire issue. You sort of know exactly what is going to happen from page one, but it doesn’t fully realize itself until the end of the book.

Hell, Simon Baz is one of the two principle leads of the book, but he doesn’t show up in this comic. There’s no “here’s how the heroes are going to save the day” moment. It’s just a joyless siege courtesy of Cyborg Superman and the Ravagers.

Admittedly, Hank Henshaw does get some badass villain moments sprinkled throughout the book. Those do add some fun to the proceedings. It is weighed down by his thorough explaining of his villain plan. I know that is a big part of the Big Two formula, but Dan Jurgens gives into that tendency more than many writers in my experience.

Mike Perkins is thankfully a great talent who makes the comic look pretty damn good. His style tends towards a lot of detailing and shadowing. That shadowing does suck some of the life out of this usually fluorescent book. That said, the book still looks great for the most part, and Hi-Fi injects some brighter shades wherever there is room.

Green Lanterns #55 is an alright read. Cyborg Superman is the star of the book and runs straight through the GL Corps throughout the comic. There is little more to the comic than that, but it does grant Hank Henshaw some solid lines. Plus, Perkins and Hi-Fi do some solid work. I can recommend it to anyone who is a big fan of Cyborg Superman as a villain or in need of some Green Lantern content before Grant Morrison and Liam Sharpe start their run later this year.

Green Lanterns #55 comes courtesy of writer Dan Jurgens, artist Mike Perkins, color artist Hi-Fi, letterer Dave Sharpe, cover artists Mike Perkins and Andy Troy, and variant cover artist Chris Stevens. DC Comics is the publisher, and the comic is available now for $3.99.

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