A Fine Finish For An Otherwise Mediocre Story In Aquaman #40

by Staff

By Josh Davison

Lord Satanis is about to detonate the nuclear bomb in the heart of Atlantis, in the Silent School. The blast would be amplified by the magical forces and wipe out the entire nation. Master Jailer is reluctant to aid Satanis and escapes at the first opportunity. Dolphin arrives to stop Satanis. Elsewhere, King Shark and Killer Croc duel, and Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Aquaman, Jurok Byss, and Ondine stand outside the magical barrier erected by Satanis to block off the Silent School.

Aquaman #40 concludes the “Sink Atlantis!” story that brought together this title with Suicide Squad. I can’t say that this book flourished under this union, but it was an alright story for the most part.

Cards on the table, I find the modern pseudo-Deadpool iteration of Harley Quinn to be insufferable, and she does bring the issue down whenever she tries to make a meta-joke about everyone being in a comic book.

That said, she also has one of the more human moments in the comic when she tries to talk Killer Croc out of his depression over losing Enchantress.

Watching Aquaman and Dolphin beat the tar out of a hacky villain like Satanis is pretty great, too. Deadshot is my favorite member of the Squad, and he doesn’t get much of the spotlight in this issue sadly.

This issue is actually a lot better than I expected it to be given the only-decent previous issue of Aquaman.

Joe Bennett lends his artistic talents to this book, and that does a lot for the book too. His heavily-detailed style and penchant for action sequences grants a lot of visual flare to the book, and he plays off the paneling well. Vicente Cifuentes gives the book a light inking which admittedly could have been stronger. Adriano Lucas keeps the book bright almost to a fault, as there are some pages that feel a little oversaturated.

Aquaman #40 is a fun read that brings the crossover with the Suicide Squad to an ending. There are plenty of good moments spread throughout the book, and the artwork is mostly quite strong. The book is worth checking out if you feel inclined. I can gladly give it a recommendation.

Aquaman #40 is from writers Dan Abnett and Rob Williams, artist Joe Bennett, inker Vicente Cifuentes, color artist Adriano Lucas, letterer Steve Wands, cover artists Rafa Sandoval with Ivan Plascencia, and variant cover artist Joshua Middleton. DC Comics is the publisher, and the book is available today for $3.99.

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