Matt Kindt Launches ‘The First Of Many’ New Mind MGMT Stories As A Risograph

by Hannah Means Shannon

Matt Kindt teased some new Mind MGMT stories awhile back with maddening certainty and lack of details for fans–but he didn’t go full stealth on us. Yesterday, he told us to watch his Twitter feed today for something Mind MGMT related and cited many extra-hour workdays leading up to the announce to finish whatever product was in store.

Today he announced the “first of many” new Mind MGMT stories, and that this particular one would take the form of a 24 page story limited to 500 copies and riso-printed, available directly from his store:

Based on that language, future Mind MGMT stories may come in other formats or be available through different methods. Fans may be a little surprised to find that this isn’t coming directly from the main Mind MGMT series’ publisher, Dark Horse, but Kindt is also the comic creator who used to sell tiny capsules with hand-drawn clues inside them at his artists’ alley table. Remember that?

Well, if the next comic comes in a super-spy pouch or as a series of pills, let the record show we called it!

Buy them while you can!