IDW’s King Of The Creepies Card Game Is Gladiatorial, Macabre, And Funny

by Staff


IDW Games are releasing a new “card combat” game, King of the Creepies where the goal is to win enough Victory Crystals to be crowned the King of the Creepies.

Combatants include Noctornal Manimal, Sherlock Bones, Edward Tankhands, and Nighty Knight, who is a “narcoleptic”. Designer Jon Cohn has made sure the game is laced with humor to entertain players at each turn.

While facing off in an arena, the Creepies fight on your behalf and you place bets on who you think will win. You can also purchase items to upgrade your gladiatorial Creepies and can even employ “mischief” cards.  The first player to receive five Victory Crystals wins the game.  But you can even negotiate deals and alliances with other players, making it a “highly social game”, according to IDW.

Described as a “pop-culture parody”, with “a competitive light strategy game core”, King of the Creepies will retail for $39.99 and arrive in June 2017.

You can learn more about IDW Games on Facebook.

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